Quality First Collision Repairs Process

You may be curious about Quality First Collision Repairs and the process that your vehicle will undergo while it is in our facility. Here is a detailed procedure that outlines the steps we follow to ensure top-quality customer service, collision, and body repairs.

The process includes:

  1. Preparation of an estimate for the repair costs.
  2. Provision of an estimated completion date to the owner.
  3. Obtaining the owner’s signature on the repair authorization.
  4. Completion of insurance negotiations.
  5. Ordering the necessary parts for the repairs.
  6. Receipt of the ordered parts.
  7. Scheduling the repairs for the vehicle.
  8. Disassembly and re-inspection of the vehicle.
  9. Writing a supplement report if needed.
  10. Approval of the supplement report.
  11. Ordering any additional parts required.
  12. Giving the owner a scheduled completion date.
  13. Performing structural and body repairs.
  14. Setting up the vehicle on the unibody repair alignment rack.
  15. Preparing and installing new panels.
  16. Priming, sealing, and applying corrosion protection.
  17. Inspecting all work, conducting an initial test, and preparing for the paint department.
  18. Confirming the completion date and preparing for the paint process.
  19. Pressure washing and cleaning the vehicle.
  20. Prepping, priming, sanding, and sealing the vehicle.
  21. Taping, bagging, masking, blowing off, and placing the vehicle in a down-draft spray booth oven.
  22. Performing a multi-step refinishing process using a water-based paint system.
  23. Reassembling the vehicle, performing wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection, and test drive.
  24. Completing the repairs and notifying the owner, along with confirmation for delivery.

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s status or progress, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or give us a call.